Who Is Jayne Willoughby?


Jayne Willoughby
  • I want you to get excited about your life!
  • I want you to feel motivated and passionate about change!
  • I want you to overcome the obstacles that are getting in your way of being the very best you can be!

If you are adventurous, like to challenge yourself, and want to make changes in your performance, then I encourage you to work with a trained professional coach to help you create long-lasting change.

I am intensely curious and creative, and I'm passionate about helping you feel inspired about who you are.  I can help you perform with greater clarity and commitment. I will not shy away from difficult conversations that may be needed to promote transformational change and positive growth. I will help you unblock your thinking, and forge new pathways for sourcing your greatest power. My extensive training, "out-of-the-box" thinking, and focus on positive  growth allows for open discussion of the roadblocks to your greatest success.

I'm a group facilitator and Certified Professional Coach(CPCC)*. I worked as a nurse and nurse educator in psychiatry, where I taught communication strategies for difficult situations. I obtained a Masters Degree in Family Studies, where the educational focus was on Systems Theory, group dynamics, elder care and the challenges of family caregiving. I also completed a BFA-Art and Design  and have achieved international success as a textile and mixed media artist and teacher.

*Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Coach Training Institute, Certification & Leadership. The CTI training programs have trained more than 35,000 coaches, consultants and managers world wide over the past 20 years. They have the most rigorous faculty standards of any coach training organization and their Certification program is one of the most respected programs in North America. Jayne is a member of the International Coach Federation and  adheres to ICF ethics and confidentiality guidelines.

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  • "I've had to confront my fears and work through them.  As a result, it's freed me and I now know myself at a deeper level.  You weren't afraid to ask the tough questions, even though I didn't like them.  You held me accountable and responsible for finding my own answers.  You coached, without telling me what to do."

    D.L. - Accountant
  • "You were a constant presence in my life, which was a huge gift …… it was huge to have someone stick by me."

    L.S. - Physician
  • " I had the pleasure of attending a year long Leadership Program with Jayne.  It has been such an enlightening experience getting to know and grow with her.  Jayne showed me a perspective on life that is uniquely refreshing.  She is able to see hidden talents in individuals that they are unaware even exist, and both invites and challenges them to use them in being their fullest selves."

    R.P. - Head of Creative Leadership, Kit and Ace
  • "Over several months recently I had the opportunity to work with Jayne, a most gifted and sincere coach.  Jayne has the natural gift to really listen to what I was saying and compassionately challenge and guide me to self understanding and forward movement.  I appreciated her caring, nonjudgemental approach, and she really helped me focus in on my values and goals, and formulate my future plans.  Thanks Jayne!"

    A.A. - Artist/Interior Designer
  • "Jayne is a visionary.  She can articulate a complicated mess in seconds.  Her insights have helped me see what was right in front of me.  The way she uses her spirit, art and embodiment make her coaching unique and so deeply meaningful.  Working with Jayne on several occasions has really helped me achieve more satisfaction and inner peace.  Jayne is the coach everyone wants."

    D.L. - Entrepreneur
  • "Jayne is able to bring focus to issues because of her meticulous powers of observation.  She easily distills complex ideas and concepts into clear, digestible inspiration to create internal shifts that influence external impact."

    A.N. - Workshop Design & Facilitation
  • "Jayne, a rare gift to our world. Truth be told, I love her work and I love her presence, I trust her completely and feel grateful and privileged to call her my friend, coach and favourite artist."

    LOFTUS - International Communications Consultant